Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I have any flowers I like?

A. The short answer is “yes”. Obviously availability of flowers changes with the seasons and there are some flowers that are not suitable for wiring into bouquets etc. but generally most flowers can be incorporated somewhere.


Q. Do I have to have a particular style of bouquet in mind?

A. No, but it is helpful if you have some idea of likes or dislikes. I will show you some photos (or you may bring your own) and with dress colours and styles as well as wedding venues and themes we can usually get some creative ideas going.


Q. Do you work with other materials apart from fresh flowers?

A. Yes, especially for event flowers or product launch flowers. These can often involve a wide variety of items, objects and artefacts that enhance the flowers and/or develop the theme.


Q. Do we have to provide vases/containers?

A. You may have suitable vases or often these are provided by the venue. However, I can also provide these. The right vase/container can be very important in creating the desired impact.